When you think of Christmas…

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by urban on 20-11-2008

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When you think of Christmas what immediately comes to mind? Gifts? Food? Family? Money? Being alone or being away from one’s loved ones? The birth of Jesus? With these thoughts always comes images of Christmases past, the times spent with people we love, people we care about and those we consider as friends.

But with the present economic crises happening in various parts of the world can you still think of Christmas as a festive holiday, or are you content in spending it with a simple Christmas Dinner with your family or your closest friends? Often people experience a fading away of the real message of Christmas and why we are celebrating it. The true meaning is giving, not receiving, and the true reason is because Jesus was born. It’s Jesus’ birthday so therefore it should be a celebration of his birth in simple circumstances. No matter what kind of gift you receive, you must always remember it is Christ who should be receiving gifts, not you.


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