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Da Blog Title

Malditang Pinay

Malditang Pinay

Malditang Pinay actually means Filipina Bitch but far from the title, this blog is more a cross between ‘Mean Girl’ and ‘Punk Babe’. I tend to rant and rave, let off steam a bit, and then forget I ever said anything in the first place. It’s raw and it’s real. And I seem to have the ability to push the right buttons to irritate people. I haven’t decided yet whether I like that about myself or not.

Sometimes I go loony and get distracted easily, straying far away from the subject. But that’s just me. Serious one moment, crazy the next. By the way, there’s an updated photo of me on the left, in case you’re curious as to what I look like in real life. The reason I wasn’t smiling for the camera was because I was waiting at the Davao airport when this was taken and the damn plane was one hour late! Sheesh!

My Work So Far

I’ve always adhered to the ‘it’s not work unless I felt pain’ work ethic. So the first time I ‘prostituted’ my talents, intelligence and youth for money was when I did field research for Aboitiz, which I botched up a little because I submitted the questionnaires minus one. The data has been compromised and my supervisor never called me again.

Oh well, good for me. I wouldn’t have to feel leg cramps from all the walking I did all over the city’s streets looking for offices and houses. i even got as far as Barotac Viejo for an interview. If my supervisor was the pushy sort, he would have had me on the next bus to Lemery for another interview (God help me if that ever happened!).

Next I rejected job offers from prestigious companies Vitarich Corporation and Red Ribbon as HR Assistant for a lousy, unsatisfactory stint at a call center (Christ, whatever made me do that, I’d never know). I lasted one month. One month! You’ll never find me in a call center ever again.

Do you know three’s a charm? Yep, my third job. It’s been 2 years and 7 months now, and I’m still there toiling for hard-earned bucks. Love it folks! Wouldn’t trade it for the world (unless they kick me out first, which I hope will never happen!).