I’m A High Blue!

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High Blues at a glance

You are a pleasant co-operative warm supportive team player.

You need reassurance that you are liked and personal assurances that you are doing a good job help you to feel comfortable within your job.

You are skilled at co-operating with others within the team and you are seen as a calming influence within a group. You prefer first names and informality within the office and are patient and considerate when dealing with others.

When stressed you may become indecisive and hesitant to act. However you should be aware that this behaviour could be perceived by others as wishy-washy. To help you increase your effectiveness High Blues must say no occasionally, attend to completion of tasks without oversensitivity to others feelings, self confident and willing to reach beyond your comfort zone, and take a few risks.

I'm A High Blue!

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I’m a High Blue

Ima High Blue - What colour are you ?

Tips on how to get to know me better

  • Be pleasant
  • Be non assertive
  • Be consistent
  • Be selfless
  • Be open
  • Be supportive of my feelings
  • Be sincere

Know what color your personality is. Answer the questionnaire.

Why is it I still miss you…

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Love & rituals - Get Inspired''''

Image by PrASanGaM via Flickr

Why is it I still miss you after all this time? I thought I am okay. I thought I am alright. But I was wrong in thinking that I might finally be free of you simply because I do not hunger for your kisses or yearn for your touch. Today I felt exactly that.

All throughout I tried to ignore the insane urge to come to you, to seek you wherever you are and be with you even for a few hours. To see you, feel you, and hear your voice is what sustains me like water to a thirsty man. You are the air I breathe. Without you I am dead inside.

Gone are my heart, my soul, and my body. They are not mine anymore for I have given them to you willingly without expecting something in return.

My love for you is unconditional. I love you for who you are and who you choose to be in the future. I love you because you exist.

Your very existence is a testimony to the reason why I was born. Our destinies are entwined yet they haven’t been joined. It seems we are bound to meet again and again and not be together.

We are cursed, you and I. We are fated to always be apart, separated by class, by years, by circumstances and by the people surrounding us. We will always be ill-fated lovers.

But be not miserable, my love. Though we will always be parted by other forces we cannot control, the love we felt for each other during our joining exists in the moment forever. Each particle of time embodies a moment of truth.

Though we are now apart it does not change the fact that we felt something strong for each other and so urgent and compelling that we have forsaken reason and ignored the whispers of conscience. Were we destined to join together as one and experience pleasure in each other’s arms? For what purpose is it that we’d feel this need for each other so great?

During our short time together as we savored our kisses and held each other so tight, there was this sense of mad urgency as if we are losing time and that we must make the most of the opportunity given to us. It was as if we knew we knew we will soon be apart, never to be together again.

What cruelty is it that Fate dealt us that we savored the madness of wild love only to lose it to the cold rationality of reality? Are we to forever bind our passionate selves and show a masked face of conformity to the world?

For many years our passion was hidden. And now that we have unleashed it how else can we cage it back? We both value our freedom and we both hate being caged. We are a pair of free spirits in a logic-bound world.

For now I am miserable without you.

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Manila! Manila!

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UP Diliman - Oblation

Image via Wikipedia

I have just been tapped by the company I work for to attend a training workshop in UP Diliman from Oct 28 to Oct 30, 2008. I’ll be leaving for Manila this October 27 and return to Iloilo City on October 31. Many of my friends have asked for pasalubong and I have listed them down. I will also be documenting my trip through images. They will all be uploaded to my Multiply account. It’s my first time (during my adulthood) to see Manila. I was a little child when I went to the big city for the very first time. I can’t remember anymore how the streets look like.  I’ll keep everyone updated on what happened next week. See yah!

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The Human Calendar

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You might have noticed the new accessory on the right. In lieu of ads, I have placed a Human Calendar! It’s something I picked up as I was browsing through some blogs. I was reading The Read Baron when the calendar caught my eye. I thought it was just a group of pics of the blog owner’s friends. But I realized when I looked closer that it’s actually a calendar! Cool, I thought, a smile forming my lips. I immediately went to the site to setup my own Human Calendar. I love its uniqueness and its quirkiness.

A message brought to you by Visual Talking

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Can you figure out my message? This visual message is created using Visual Talking. It’s the newest fun app that you can use when you can’t find the words to express what you want to say. Or when you just want to keep it secret between the two of you. Wink! Wink!

What does it say?

What does it say?

Anthropomorphism in Movies

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Won't know what

Image by Jon Jacobsen via Flickr

I have just finished watching M. Night Shyamalan’s latest work “The Happening” with Mark Wahlberg in the lead. It was a bit vague in explaining the reason for “the happening” referred to in the movie. The story is easy enough to understand: ordinary folks encountering a terrifying phenomenon that kills thousands of people without any direct cause. The theory being forwarded is that plants have begun releasing toxins in the air as a defense mechanism against humans which they view as threats. Whenever a large group of people converge near plants, the trees and even the grasses release these toxins that attack the nerve centers of the brain responsible for preserving the survival instinct. Without that function for self-preservation, humans are compelled to commit suicide in any way they can.

The phases are observable. There were signs that someone has been infected: repitition of words, paralysis, confusion in location or direction of movement, and at the end, exhibiting a series of actions to kill one’s self. So far, none of the victims shown in the movie include children. However, the scope of infection is assumed to be universal.

Plants talk with each other

At first it is considered as a freak of nature, a revenge of sorts by Mother Earth. Unfortunately, the geographical areas infected suggest that it might have been a government-sanctioned experiment gone awry. Only towns and cities in the NorthEast coast were infected. But no matter what it was, the immediate cause is clear: toxins were being released every time the wind blows. There is no escape because everyone needs to breathe.

It is strange, at first, to think of plants as threats to human beings. And it is ridiculous to consider that they will develop a deep connection for those who care for them. But this is the underlying theme of the movie. A character in the film explained that plants communicate with each other: the trees with bushes and the bushes with grasses. They respond when their caretakers talk to them in a soothing voice.

Spiritual Communication

The same premise is explored in Madeleine L’Engle’s “Wind in the Door,” a young adult fiction about a young boy, Charles Wallace, who is suffering from a mysterious disease, and his devoted sister, Meg, who must save him before it’s too late. The story involved so many fantastical characters which include a many-winged and many-eyed cherubim, forae, Echthroi, and spiritual teachers in the form of a giant and a snake. The culminating sequence that determines the ending happens inside Charles’ mitochondrion.

Just like the plants in “The Happening,” the main characters in the book communicate silently. They call this kything, a non-verbal communion with each other. Communication and communion are different, but they intertwine when different beings interact with each other. Because of the differences in our capacities to speak and the barriers of our species, this spiritual communion is the only method that appear rational. But is it real?

Is this Possible?

Some research studies on plants seem to indicate, indeed, this is possible. Flowering plants and those that bear fruit respond well to music and a soothing human voice. Some which were exposed to noise and negative human language were sickly. While those which were left alone and didn’t receive any attention grew normally, but not as healthy as the first group. Even the responses of a plant when its caretaker leaves are indicative it can sense when the person is either away from or near it.

However, this kind of thinking may be explained as anthromorphism, which is attributing emotion or thought patterns to animals or objects which are incapable of achieving such dimensions. Aside from plants or animals (remember Lassie?), inanimate objects such as robots were also treated as if they have human characteristics. This may be because of the A.I. technology that science has long been fascinated with.

H.A.L. in Space Odyssey and robots in Japanese anime are examples of anthropomorphism with objects in movies. Godzilla and KingKong are animals, but mutated as monsters of great dimensions who feel either love or hate towards humans, just as the trees and grasses in “The Happening” did.

Maybe in a smaller scale this phenomena is possible. But for this to cause havoc and death as depicted in movies is somewhat stretching the facts a little to inject terror into the hearts of audiences.

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